Chris Duncan vows to KO Manuel Torres and “silence” the Mexican crowd at UFC Mexico City: “I’m hunting for the finish”

By Cole Shelton - February 21, 2024

Chris Duncan is ready to silence the crowd at UFC Mexico City.

Chris Duncan

Duncan is set to face Manuel Torres at UFC Mexico City on Saturday, in his first fight since July. He was supposed to return in October against Terrance McKinney but a visa issue knocked him out of their fight, which was heartbreaking for him.

“The way it worked the visa bureau couldn’t get me an appointment in time. It was a little bit of a pain, even when I landed home, the visa appointment wasn’t ready. I think it was like five days after the fight it ended up getting that visa, so it was not going to happen, I was gutted. Terrance has a massive following and is very beatable, I was looking forward to it,” Duncan said on Just Scrap Radio on

Once Ducan got his visa, he was offered to fight Manuel Torres at UFC Mexico City which he was excited for. Duncan says going into enemy territory doesn’t bother him, but what he was worried about was the altitude.

Yet, Duncan feels well-prepared to deal with it after getting some advice and an altitude tent from the UFC PI.

“It’s the altitude that is going to suck. I’ve got the altitude tent and the altitude machine to help me prepare. I’m currently 8,000 feet and the PI has been helping me to get to the right altitude,” Duncan said. “I sleep at night at altitude and train at sea level, so there are greater benefits to sleeping in the tent and then training at sea level. The tent itself has made my cardio go through the roof, I’m very trusting in my cardio.”

Although Chris Duncan has full confidence in his cardio, he doesn’t expect to have to use it against Manuel Torres. Instead, he believes he can KO the Mexican to silence the crowd on Saturday night.

“I’m hunting for the finish, I want to be a fan-pleaser. I want to stand up with this guy and knock him out,” Duncan said. “It’s one of these fights, in home territory, at altitude, I’m going to go to my bread-and-butter which is my striking and you are going to see a different level of striking from myself… I’m ready to show the world and put the Mexican fans to silence. I’m going to get some hate but that is the nature of the beast.”

Should Duncan get his hand raised, the hope is to have a rather quick turnaround and get rebooked against Terrance McKinney.

“By the end of my second contract with the UFC I will be chipping into the top 10, I will be looking to fight some great names, like Terrance McKinney,” Duncan said.