Chael Sonnen shares advice for Robert Whittaker & Paulo Costa following UFC 298: “You got to compete”

By Fernando Quiles - February 21, 2024

Chael Sonnen has some advice for Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa following UFC 298.

Robert Whittaker defeats Paulo Costa at UFC 298

Whittaker and Costa went one-on-one inside the Honda Center in Anaheim, California on February 17. It was a hard-fought three-round fight, and “The Reaper” ended up taking a unanimous decision over “Borrachinha.” Now that the dust has settled, Sonnen believes there is a key piece of advice both Whittaker and Costa should follow.

Sonnen’s pro tip is for both men to stay active.


Chael Sonnen On What Robert Whittaker & Paulo Costa Should Do

Sonnen spoke to his subscribers on his YouTube channel and he shared his belief that Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa would be doing a disservice to themselves if they don’t remain active in 2024 (h/t MMAJunkie).

“Robert Whittaker is as true and pure of a fighter as I’ve ever seen,” Sonnen said. “He is an absolute lock to go into the Hall of Fame. And when I look at Whittaker and where he needs to go from now, it’s the same analysis that I will look at Paulo Costa and where Paulo needs to go from now, which is quite simply no more breaks. No more year delays. No more talking about talking, and meeting about meetings, and thinking about thinking. You got to compete.

“Got to go in there, get that contract signed, get back in that training camp, and turn over as many performances as you can. It’s the one thing that brings pause when you’re talking about Robert Whittaker’s career. Where should we go with him now? Well, I need to know that he’s active. I need to know that he can take on three fights a year. The same thing goes for Paulo Costa.”

It’ll be interesting to see how active Whittaker and Costa are throughout the year, but both competitors are off to a solid start after their efforts at UFC 298.


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