Bruce Buffer always knew the UFC would be one of “the biggest things in sports worldwide”

By Cole Shelton - January 19, 2024

Bruce Buffer has seen it all throughout his time in the UFC.

Bruce Buffer

Buffer will have been the voice of the Octagon for 29 years next month, and when he first joined the company, MMA wasn’t very popular, and the UFC was struggling to stay afloat. However, Buffer had full confidence the UFC could become the biggest thing in combat sports, but also one of the biggest things in sports, period.

“Yeah, I knew from the beginning and that is why I stuck with it through the thick and thin. It’ll be 28 years for me next month in February and I believed the UFC would be the biggest thing in fighting sports, if not the biggest thing in sports worldwide, and that’s why I stuck with it,” Buffer said on Just Scrap Radio on “It went through all the transitionary and evolutionary processes to where Dana White and the Fertitta’s came in and went through trials and tribulations to make it the biggest thing happening. Boom, all dreams come true.”

As Bruce Buffer thought, the UFC has become one of the biggest things in sports worldwide and continues to grow year in and year out.

The next big milestone for the promotion is UFC 300, which Buffer is excited to call once again. He did UFC 100 and 200, so knows how big those events are, however, he says to him, he treats each event the same.

“It’s not just that every event is just another event because I never phone it in, I go in and experience the excitement of each event. UFC 300, like UFC 100 was huge, UFC 200 was huge, there’s a certain meaning when it hits the century mark and here we are at 300, the fanfare and excitement around that event will be huge,” Buffer said.

Although Buffer says he treats each event the same, he knows the spectacle that UFC 300 is will be special. He also hopes to be around for many more, as he says he has no end in sight for when he may retire.

“I’m good, I’m good. I stay in shape, I’ve been athletic my whole life, I will continue to do so, and as long as I can perform as I’m performing, physically, vocally, and passionately then I would never want to leave the Octagon. I love the Octagon,” Buffer concluded.


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