Jimmy Flick claims he’s the reason Malcolm Gordon is in the UFC ahead of UFC 297 fight: “It’s not going 15 minutes”

By Cole Shelton - January 18, 2024

Jimmy Flick knows his UFC job is on the line this Saturday night in Toronto.

Jimmy Flick

Flick is set to face Malcolm Gordon in the first fight of the night at UFC 297. The flyweights are opening the card, which is thrilling for Flick who gets to fight in front of a crowd for the first time in his UFC career.


“I am super excited, I have not fought in front of fans since early 2020 before COVID hit, and it’s looking like we are going to be the first fight of the night and I’m hoping that’s true. I want to come out and start off with some fireworks, in Canada, fighting the guy from Canada. I’m excited,” Flick said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com.

After coming out of retirement last year, Flick has lost two straight fights and is now on the last fight of his deal and fighting for his job on Saturday. Being on the last fight of his deal, Jimmy wasn’t sure who he would be booked against but when he got the call to fight Gordon at UFC 297, he immediately accepted as it was a bout that made a lot of sense.

“I know Malcolm Gordon. The only reason Malcolm Gordon is in the UFC is because of me. The reason being, Malcolm Gordon was like 0-2 in the UFC, I retired. When I retired, they gave him little Fig (Francisco Figueiredo), little Fig is who I was supposed to fight. I was supposed to fight him, when I retired, he ended up fighting Malcolm Gordon. Malcolm Gordon ended up winning that fight and got a new UFC contract. He’s on a two-fight losing streak like I am and I believe he’s only in the UFC because I retired,” Flick said.

With Jimmy Flick thinking Malcolm Gordon is only in the UFC because of him, the American plans to upset the Canadian crowd and submit the hometown fighter at UFC 297.

“It’s not going 15 minutes, I imagine Malcolm Gordon would say the same thing. I’m going to put him back and choke him out,” Flick continued.

If Flick does get the submission win over Gordon, he already has a callout ready as he wants to rematch Cody Durden and take everything he worked for again.

“Depending on how I win it opens a lot of doors, especially with Cody losing his last fight. It opens the door for that matchup, especially if I perform and I know he wants it again. I have taken everything he worked for once, and I’ll take everything he worked for again… I need to go choke him out again, take everything he worked for, and prove I’m still better than him,” Flick concluded.


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