Sean Strickland gets scolded by former UFC champion Tyron Woodley for asking permission to fight Jake Paul: “Why the f*ck you asked Hunter?”

By Fernando Quiles - February 21, 2024

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has taken issue with Sean Strickland asking UFC for permission to fight Jake Paul.

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Strickland, an ex-UFC middleweight titleholder, has gotten into a back-and-forth exchange with Paul on social media. “The Problem Child” slammed Strickland for taking advantage of influencer Sneako during a sparring session. In the clip, Sneako was covering up while Strickland unloaded with punches. Strickland isn’t known for having an off-switch, and often dials things up to 100 with just about anyone he interacts with.

Paul suggested that he spars with Strickland, but the 185-pounder initially responded by saying he’d rather fight “The Problem Child” in a desert. Later on, Strickland said he wouldn’t get permission from the UFC to fight Paul. So, Sean proposed a sparring session with Jake at Xtreme Couture.

It appears Tyron Woodley isn’t having what Strickland is saying.


Tyron Woodley Criticizes Sean Strickland For Asking UFC To Fight Jake Paul

Woodley’s biggest issue with Strickland is the fact that he went to the UFC first to ask permission to fight Jake Paul. Taking to his YouTube channel, “The Chosen One” went off on a rant on Strickland (h/t

‘’Why the f—k you asked Hunter? You asked your daddy if you can fight,” Woodley said on YouTube. “You don’t have to ask nobody if you can fight. That just sounds like a hater move off the top. When you hear that … when you gotta smash somebody down before they give you the reason why they can’t fight, you already can hear it’s a hater move. Let me break some stuff down to you legally. Legally, they cannot stop him from sparring Jake Paul.

“Jake Paul said he wanted to spar him the same way Sneako walked into the cage,” Woodley continued. “I want you to know [Sneako] had to walk through security, he had to be signed in on the list. I know that, that’s the APEX. They let him come in there. He can spar with anyone he wants to. Jake Paul didn’t say, come and meet me in f—king arena or come and meet me in a sanctioned fight. He said come to my gym. Nobody can stop him from doing that.”


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